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Stakeholder workshops in Mexico

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Using Human Centred Design research methodologies, including individual and focus group semi-structured interviews and in situ observations this approach will build on the Situational Assessment to deepen our understanding about limitations, obstacles, perceptions, drivers, influences, behaviour, and beliefs of the different key user groups. This research has allowed us to find patterns, outliers, insights, and inspiration to achieve plastic neutrality.

Next in the process is the Stakeholder Engagement phase, whose goal is to co-create the roadmap, pilot project plan, and business case with key stakeholders, so that the these initiatives have buy-in and support by those actors who will ultimately drive the change sought after in the region.

An underlying principle of this phase is to ensure that stakeholders have the chance to own and influence the decision-making process. Buy-in is essential for success in the development and implementation of the Plastic Neutral Strategies. Every party must have a stake in the process and have participating members having decision-making power. Every party must be committed to the process by ensuring action based on the decisions made through the engagement.

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