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The idea of establishing a global initiative to tackle plastics in the Oceans was born in 2016 aboard expedition vessel SY Jaya, during a diving expedition to Raja Ampat, Indonesia. It was there, in one of the most biologically diverse regions of the oceans where the founders, Hans and Carole met and started dreaming about taking action to stem the flow of plastics into the oceans.


The dream started taking shape and becoming real after a Mexican explorer and businessman—Miguel Sanchez Navarro, joined in. We began building a young, talented and multi-disciplinary Board of Directors. Our dear Miguel didn’t make it to our foundational meeting, as he passed away February 4th., 2018.


The Mare Nostrum Global Initiative was founded in August 2018, as an international non for profit organization based in Canada, to conserve our oceans and address the ocean plastic crisis through innovations and solutions born from a comprehensive understanding of the root causes, the harnessing of stakeholder insights, the empowerment of local initiatives, the intelligent design of public policies, the re-imagination of waste systems and the incubation of a whole new ecosystem of businesses in pursuit of a regional circular economy.

In Memorian

Miguel Sánchez Navarro Redo 


Mare Nostrum's approach to achieve plastic neutrality is based on the principle of building alliances. We strongly believe that every city and every region has all the ingredients for long-term, sustainable success--our role is to be an articulator, a steward, an incubator, an honest broker and an amplifier.

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