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Plastic waste and pollution have captured the attention of the public, governments, and businesses around the world. Along with the search for solutions that can be scaled up, there is growing recognition that addressing the symptoms of this crisis through clean-ups is not enough. We need to move away from today’s linear take-make-waste model and fundamentally rethink the way we design, use, and reuse plastics. A systemic shift tackling the root causes is required: a transition towards a circular economy for plastic, in which it never becomes waste or pollution.


Our work focuses on bringing systemic change to build inclusive circular economies--we do this by understanding the underlaying the problem, promoting and incubating businesses and entrepreneurs that prevent ocean plastic pollution be scalable and easily replicable in other cities and countries and it can be adapted as to be implemented in different economic sectors specific needs and conditions of each sector.  We integrate environmental strategies and commitments, sustainability and accountability, taking advantage of the talent and abilities of local organizations and structures, creating “ownership” in initiatives and strengthening local capacities.

Mare Nostrum also works as an incubator to detonate as many organizations as possible that can implement the strategies that lead to Plastic Neutrality. We stay with them every step of the way, accompanying them in the implementation process and monitor the performance and impact of each one of the strategies.

Plastic Neutral Cities

Through a comprehensive systemic change, any city can become a Plastic Neutral City, thus preventing plastic from reaching the oceans, creating new sources of employment and developing new technologies.

Plastic Neutrality means to prevent plastic waste to reach the oceans, and the path to do this is through a circular economy, the valorization of plastic and the correct management of waste.

Enabling Policies

Baja to Bering

It's a functional and operative Network of coastal cities throughout the Western Pacific region committed to a low carbon, nature embracing, plastic-neutral, green economy pathway with a common Vision to be + prosperous, + sustainable, + inclusive and + resilient.

Plastic Neutral Certification

Your business can help stop plastic waste from entering the oceans. Let us help you become a Plastic Neutral company through our different options of certifications. We will calculate your plastic footprint, the areas that need immediate attention and will provide the solutions for you to reach Plastic Neutrality fast.

Plastic Neutral Governance

Assessing Plastic Footprint

Mare Nostrum works with policy makers from local, state and federal governments, in the design of public policies and Laws that will create, enable, incentivize and support plastic reducing and socially inclusive Circular Economies. 

precursor of a well functioning circular economy is the existence of an independent, expert, objective, multi stakeholder body that supports the development of long term strategy, advises public policies, brings transparency and accountability to the system, and reports to the public. Mare Nostrum is working with the State and Municipal governments and the private sector in the establishment of an Advisory Council that will play the rol.

The first step toward Plastic Neutrality is finding out what your business, city or personal plastic footprint is. How much plastic you are consuming and how much is leaking into the environment. Through our comprehensive program we can help you and your business find out what your Plastic Footprint is and what actions you need to take to lower it and become Plastic Neutral.


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